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The Intentional Focus on the Strategic Plan Resulted in the School District Securely and Rapidly Improving 

DETROIT – July 16, 2019 

The Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) Board of Education evaluated Superintendent Nikolai P. Vitti today based on the rubric agreed upon by the Board when they appointed him in 2017. The School Board collectively rated the Superintendent as Highly Effective on the performance standards of visionary leadership, instructional leadership, talent management, operational and fiscal management, communication and relationships, and professionalism and ethics.

“Dr. Vitti continues to prove that he is the right person for the job,” said Iris Taylor, President, DPSCD Board of Education. “We certainly know there is plenty of work to still do to rebuild the District and provide all students with the education they deserve, but for the first time in years we can proudly say that we have fast movement toward improvement in several areas.”

In the evaluation, the Board noted several strengths Dr. Vitti exhibited during the 2018-2019 year that they are proud of including successfully executing the professional development day offered to all principals and teachers, the development of an accountability system for the 2019-2020 school year, the adoption of highly aligned curriculum at the K-8 level in literacy and math, the expansion of assessment tools to assist student learning, the engagement of students through the Superintendent’s Student Leadership Forums, the multiple plans developed by the Superintendent that were Board reviewed and approved including a Career Academy plan.

“Student achievement is also showing signs of overall improvement,” said Taylor. “The School Board and Superintendent will continue to work as a dedicated team focused on our Strategic Plan. We plan to continue to engage the community in our reform work with quarterly community meetings throughout the upcoming school year and look forward to engaging the community on ways to solve our facility challenges.”

One of the primary duties of an elected school board is to evaluate the appointed superintendent while keeping the district on track and setting policies to protect the schools and students. As DPSCD completes its second school year with a locally elected board, the District is making progress toward its vision as outlined in the strategic plan, Blueprint 2020: All students will have the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to thrive in our city, our nation and our world. 

Dr. Vitti’s work is consistently in alignment with the District’s strategic plan and its five priorities: outstanding achievement, transformative culture, whole child commitment, exceptional talent and responsible stewardship. Looking ahead, the Board has identified five areas of focus for Dr. Vitti to address during the 2019-2020 school year including: 

  • The continuing improvement of Human Resources (HR), namely hiring teachers.

  • Streamlining the onboarding process as well as the development and tracking of clear metrics to gauge improvement in HR. 

  • The rollout and community engagement involving the improvement of school facilities.

  • Continuing the improvement of clean buildings.

  • Focus on anti-bullying and the implementation of the new code of conduct. 

The overall evaluation rates the Dr. Vitti as effective when including the data reporting requirements from the State of Michigan, which comprises 45 percent of the final evaluation.

This coming year, the DPSCD Board of Education will continue to focus on the approved balanced budget – which they continue to oversee with an acute focus as the District transitions out of state financial review oversite –  as well as adopting and implementing policies that provide direction for the District to maintain its priorities, and continuing to hold each department, leader, and employee to a very high standard of practice while following the mission of building a stronger public school district in Detroit.4

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